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The Money Store offers tailored home loan, investment loan, business loan and equipment loan solutions and strategic advice to individuals and corporates.

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Money Store TV

Tony Harris explains about the Loan to Value ratio
In this video, Tony Harris, founder of The Money Store and property investment consultant, explains about the Loan to Value Ratio and why it's so important to lenders.

Property Investment Services

Like most people you are probably overwhelmed by all the offers for cheap home loans. It is true that you can find great online home loan deals. It is also true that many people would benefit financially if they would spend more time on creating a sound property investment strategy prior to deciding which home loan fits their needs.

Tony Harris provides sound property strategy services and helps you build a solid foundation for your property investments. Contact Tony Harris today for a free consultation.

Property Finance Education

One of our objectives is to empower home buyers by sharing knowledge about property investment strategies. A solid foundation of knowledge before you begin, will help you save money.

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Property Consulting Packages

When you buy a property you want to have peace of mind that everything is taken care of and you make the best possible financial decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Our consulting packages are designed to do just that. We create an environment for you that allows you to carefully consider your financial priorities and take enough time to consider the different purchase options and negotiation strategies.

We offer three property consulting packages to suit your personal and financial needs. More information here.