About The Money Store

The Money Store specialises in providing property investment advice to Australian home owners and investors. Our aim is to be your trusted advisor and property coach and to strengthen your financial well being.

Property investment advice Sydney

Through our high level of financial expertise and extensive knowledge of the Australian property market, we provide common sense financial answers.

Better than the average property investor

We help you to be better than the average property investor. We can change the outcome of your investments and change the formula for success.

We help you to become a better than average property investor

The Money Store is your expert guide on the property path from the moment you consider buying a property until settlement and beyond.

A culture of coaching and learning

We are developing a culture of coaching and learning in every aspect of the way we work. With this approach The Money Store offers you more than just a simple mortgage product.

We help you to create an optimized property strategy with a focus on WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY and HOW TO BUY.


About Tony Harris

Tony Harris – Founder / Property Investment Consultant

Tony Harris is the founder of The Money StoreTony Harris founded The Money Store in 1996. After leading a successful growth of the company, Tony Harris decided to sell The Money Store to a publicly listed company. Now he is happy for its rebirth, using his property investment skills providing clients with the best-customized financial solution available in the market.

The Money Store was always seen as professional and innovative. Tony has a strong commitment to continue in that vein, and is excited about the opportunities the market currently offers.

Contact Tony Harris for a free no-obligation consultation about your property plans: [email protected]