Check if you pay too much Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

Did you buy your property off the plan some time ago and has the value of the property increased since then? If that’s the case the following information may be useful to you. By taking proper action you might be able to lower the Lenders Mortgage Insurance premium and save money. While the market has […]

When is the right time to buy property in Sydney?

When is the right time to buy property in Sydney? I hear this question asked so many times and my answer is the same ‘whenever you’re ready’. Being ready means that you are prepared to start the journey into property ownership. They say that for most people this is the biggest financial decision that you […]

Questions to ask a Sydney mortgage broker

As a Sydney mortgage broker I know how overwhelming the Sydney home loan market can be. You will be bombarded with so many offers for home loans today that it’s difficult to choose. Finding a good mortgage broker in Sydney who can help you make sense of all the offers is not easy. You need […]

Why should I have a regular Home Loan Health Check?

One of our most important property investment recommendations is to regularly perform a home loan health check and to adjust your home loan. Home loan repayments usually represent most people’s single largest monthly expense, so it makes good sense for borrowers to have a “check-up” done on their home loan – just like going to […]

Talk to a mortgage broker if you don’t tick the boxes

Lenders processing systems for home loans are based on what I call ‘easy loans’. These are loans for people who tick all the boxes: they have been in the same job for over two years with a very stable income; are highly creditworthy; have no obvious financial difficulties, and show a good payment and savings […]

Why is it difficult for freelancers to get a mortgage

For freelancers or self-employed business owners the rules for getting a mortgage are different and more complex compared to people with regular jobs. It is more difficult for them to obtain a loan because the business relies on them to generate an income. The last thing a lender wants to do is to lend money […]

5 Things you should know about filling out home loan application forms

You probably hate filling out forms as much as anyone else. Because you hate it there is a risk that you won’t do it properly. This leads to submitting home loan application forms which contain incorrect information or are incomplete. Applying for a home loan involves filling out a lot of forms. A lender needs […]

Regional Relocation Grant: 4 things to consider if you plan to move to regional NSW

With the surge in house prices in Sydney, prospective home buyers increasingly look at ways to realise their property dreams outside the capital cities. While it’s true that regional NSW offers a discount compared to the city (the article mentions a median house price of $290,000 in Tamworth compared to $700,000 in Sydney), there are […]

The mindset every first home buyer should have

I’m sure you have seen the advertisements in the papers and online about low rate home loans and how easy it is to get a home loan and buy a property. I’ve got news for you: buying a property, especially when it’s your first one, is not easy. With home ownership comes responsibility … During […]

First Home Buyer To Do List

First home buyers experience challenging times. Here is our to do list for prospective first home buyers to make the first step on the property ladder a bit easier. If you are eager to buy your first home, we recommend you start preparing as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to […]