Deposit bonds

Deposit bonds are a convenient way to secure the property without the need for upfront cash allowing you time to arrange the access to cash or equity to settle your purchase.

If you are buying off the plan, planning to buy at auction, sold your home and waiting for settlement, or just have your cash tied up in other investments – then a deposit bond can make your new purchase easier.

In this video Tony Harris explains about Deposit Bonds and how it can help you to secure a property if you don’t have ready access to cash for the deposit.


Deposit bonds are still relatively unknown in Australia. To provide more information for home buyers we have developed this presentation.

If you have questions about deposit bonds and how they can help you to buy a property, please feel free to contact us.

To help towards the extensive costs associated with purchasing your property, we at The Money Store, are gifting you the fee associated with obtaining a deposit bond (*conditions apply) in association with our own Super Saver Home Loan funded by The Money Store.


  • up to a maximum purchase of a $1 million
  • 1 standard valuation
  • to be used for actual purchase / not an auction bond
  • all application and lending conditions are to be met prior to the issue of the bond